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Why Choose DEƎW?

Welcome to DEƎW Premium Cannabis Wholesale! Whether you operate a physical location or an e-commerce site, we’re excited to partner with you to elevate your offerings and provide your customers with premium quality indoor exotics and other THCa cannabis products. Join our wholesale program today and unlock exclusive benefits tailored to your business needs.

Climate Controlled In-Store Display

Utilizing minimal floor space, our unique approach to quality control helps further prevent decarboxylation, the process of converting THCa into THC. Decarboxylation can diminish the potency and efficacy of cannabis products. That’s why we employ advanced techniques to prevent decarboxylation and preserve the natural integrity of our products.

Through careful observation and testing, we’ve discovered the best way to ensure DEƎW products stay fresher longer than others, ensuring a top quality experience for every customer.

Premium Quality
Indoor Exotics

Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver only the finest indoor exotics and THCa cannabis products. From cultivation to packaging, we uphold rigorous standards to guarantee superior quality every step of the way.


Whether you’re a large-scale retailer or a boutique shop, we believe in flexibility. With DEƎW, there’s no minimum order quantity, allowing you to tailor your purchases to your specific needs and preferences.

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We understand the importance of efficiency in your operations. With DEƎW, you can count on swift order processing and secure white-listed delivery, ensuring that your inventory stays stocked and your customers satisfied.

  1. Wide Selection: Whether your customers are seeking premium flower, convenient pre-rolls, mouth-watering edibles, or stylish accessories and merchandise, DEƎW has it all. Explore our diverse product line and cater to a broad spectrum of preferences.
  2. Brand Recognition: Partnering with DEƎW means aligning your store with a brand that’s confident, recognizable, and deeply immersed in the cannabis culture. Our products speak volumes, and our brand is a badge of honor in the cannabis community.
  3. Wholesale Benefits: Enjoy competitive wholesale pricing and let us help you scale your business. With dedicated support to ensure a seamless partnership. We value our wholesale partners and are committed to helping your business thrive.
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